On, Thursday night, me and my mother went and saw in theatres…






Frozen!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 


I recommend that you go and see it. I just loved it. The music was brilliant, the snowman was funny, the villain?? So unexpected. The whole theatre either said ‘what’ or gasped when we found out the villain. And I shall not say. No matter how much I want to. Just loved it. Probably the best Disney animated movie. Though it won’t top my list, it is second on it. First is still and always will be The Little Mermaid 


New Theme!

I actually like this one better. I think the other theme, spun is good for pictures, not writings. 

And this one is awesome. The name of it is Typo.


Tired of having to keep looking for a job. I know I haven’t got much experience, but how else am I suppose to get experience if I don’t get hired? I haven’t even got calls for having interviews. They don’t know what they are missing.

Even the jobs that say they will train or no experience needed still don’t call back, I mean, what? How come I’m not getting calls for an interview at least. I don’t know.

Brittany in Arthurian Legend

Award-Winning Author Nicole Evelina

So, I’m back to Book 3 in Guinevere’s story, and am excited to be exploring brand new terrain: the land of Brittany.

Today, Brittany is part of northwest France, but in Arthurian times, it was its own kingdom, though often considered a colony of Britain, peopled as it was by many former Britons, some of whom fled from the Anglo-Saxon invaders in late fourth and early fifth centuries. In some references, it’s even called “Less Britain” or “Little Britain,” and was part of a larger area known as Armorica.

Like many locations, its origins are murky. Historically, Brittany was home to five Celtic tribes in the time before the Romans conquered it: the Curiosolitae, the Namnetes, the Osismii, the Redones and the Veneti (Wikipedia has a longer explanation, if you want to learn more). Brittany became part of the Roman Empire in 56 AD. and had strong trade ties with…

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Crush of the Week


To be completely honest I’m surprised at myself for not having him in waaaaay before this but anyway… Here’s Crush of the Week… and it goes to *drumroll*

            BRADLEY JAMES


Yes yes yes!

Anyway the internet has given me some facts about him so here it is:

Bradley was born 11th October 1983 in Exeter, Devon, UK.
He is an English actor.
When he was 9, Bradley and his family moved to the Beaches, Jacksonville in Florida. There they stayed for four years.

Bradley attended Crown Point Elementary School and Fletcher Middle School.
In England he attended Madeley High School.


When Bradley was younger he knew he either wanted to be a footballer or an actor. He chose acting and trained at Drama Centre on London where he graduated in 2007.
Bradley still loves football (his favourite team is Arsenal) and he participates annually in sporting charity events.



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