Nothing really interesting is going on these days. 


I can’t go to England, which means can’t go watch Mojo starring: Colin Morgan, Rupert Grint, Brendan Coyle, Daniel Mays, Ben Whishaw and Tom Rae Harris. 




First of all, 


Merry Christmas everyone! 🙂 Hope you are with you family, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ together. 


Yesterday I drove all the way to my grandmother’s home…. by myself… 

now to most of you, you’ll think so what? 

Well if you ready my page about anxiety… you’ll see I had troubles… and I did it!!!! 

No anxiety attacks either!!!! 😀 

I know I can do things now. 


On December 7th 2013 I went a pre-screening for an acting agency (which I hope it is real, because I’ve been reading on the internet and some people, not much… say it is a scam, but I don’t know how true that is because I think it could be people who didn’t get signed up.) And I got into the roster. 

The agency is called Karisma Talent Group from Toronto Ontario, if anyone knows this place is a scam let me know. 

But if it isn’t, I could be on my way to being an actress! 🙂 

So crossing fingers that it is real and not a scam. 


NEED MONEY!!! I want to go see this show in London England, called Mojo, and I need money! I decided to stay at a hostel instead of going to a hotel by myself, at least I would be with others… just need money for plane ride to and from London. Since I live in Canada. 


Signing off now, 



On, Thursday night, me and my mother went and saw in theatres…






Frozen!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 


I recommend that you go and see it. I just loved it. The music was brilliant, the snowman was funny, the villain?? So unexpected. The whole theatre either said ‘what’ or gasped when we found out the villain. And I shall not say. No matter how much I want to. Just loved it. Probably the best Disney animated movie. Though it won’t top my list, it is second on it. First is still and always will be The Little Mermaid 


Tired of having to keep looking for a job. I know I haven’t got much experience, but how else am I suppose to get experience if I don’t get hired? I haven’t even got calls for having interviews. They don’t know what they are missing.

Even the jobs that say they will train or no experience needed still don’t call back, I mean, what? How come I’m not getting calls for an interview at least. I don’t know.