On December 7th 2013 I went a pre-screening for an acting agency (which I hope it is real, because I’ve been reading on the internet and some people, not much… say it is a scam, but I don’t know how true that is because I think it could be people who didn’t get signed up.) And I got into the roster. 

The agency is called Karisma Talent Group from Toronto Ontario, if anyone knows this place is a scam let me know. 

But if it isn’t, I could be on my way to being an actress! 🙂 

So crossing fingers that it is real and not a scam. 


NEED MONEY!!! I want to go see this show in London England, called Mojo, and I need money! I decided to stay at a hostel instead of going to a hotel by myself, at least I would be with others… just need money for plane ride to and from London. Since I live in Canada. 


Signing off now,